Is it really worth purchasing a Best Cordless Impact Driver in 2017?

Impact drivers are crucial to any work that you do. An impact driver can speed up your work tremendously if used well. Not to mention the ease it brings to work. Imagine having to tighten a rusted bolt by hand. An impact driver has amazing power and has all features you need that can help you finish the job efficiently. As compared to electric impact drivers, cordless impact drivers are economical. It offers portability and speed along with the torque and performance of an electric impact driver. A cordless impact driver is easy to use and even come equipped with clutches for good grip or to adjust the torque for your job. These drivers also come with a keyless chuck which can enable you to use the tool consistently. You can even fit in rotary sanders, wheel brushes and even hole saw in the keyless chuck.

Makita XDT042 Cordless Impact Driver Kit4.8/5Check Price
DEWALT DCF886B 20V XR Lithium Ion Brushless 1/4-Inch Impact Driver4.6/5Check Price
Bosch IDH182-01L 18-volt Hybrid Impact Driver4.2/5Check Price
Porter-Cable PCCK640LB Lithium-Ion Impact Driver Kit4.1/5Check Price

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Why Use Cordless Impact Drivers?

People usually say that if something is making your life easier and saving you even a minute of your precious time, adopt the change. Here are a few benefits of adopting a cordless impact driver.

  • Easy Handling: Cordless impact drivers are easier to handle and do not need much force. Their on / off operation is pretty straight forward and the torque output is right up there with the electric impact drivers.
  • Better Than Drills: While few workers still like using drills as they constantly apply torque, an impact drive offers a lot more torque with massive linear force. Cordless impact drivers come with excellent control even at high speeds.
  • Rotations Per Minute (RPM): The rotation force provided by a cordless impact driver is a lot more than a standard drill. An impact driver also provides momentum with greater RPM.
  • Heavy Duty Work: A cordless impact driver has rapid bursts because of the linear force it generates while operating. Working on heavy duty jobs with such force can be extremely useful.
  • Keyless Chuck: Keyless chucks make changing bits a whole lot easier. All you need to do is slide the outer ring, drop the bit and reload another bit.
  • Lighting Things Up: Most work is carried out irrespective of the time of the day. Using a standard drill at night would need you to also hold a torch or some form of artificial light that can affect your work accuracy. A cordless impact driver comes fitted with an LED light that will illuminate your target and make it easier to operate efficiently.
  • Utility Benefits: While a standard drill can only do one job, a cordless impact driver can do a lot more things like removing nuts, woodwork, tightening nuts, and much
  • Durability: Investing in a cordless impact driver is money saved. The only thing you would ever need to invest in is replacing worn out parts. An impact driver can last you a long term to help with all residential and commercial jobs.

How to Select the Top Rated Cordless Impact Driver in 2017?

There are many aspects to consider before investing in a cordless impact driver. While some drivers may provide excellent features, others provide power. Here are a few things to consider before buying your cordless impact driver.

  • Battery: One of the main aspects of a cordless impact driver is the battery life. Some impact drivers even provide a battery level indicator. Always go for one that has this facility. This will give you an estimate of how long you can keep working before your battery drains out.
  • The Right Torque: Cordless impact drivers come with amazing torque. Some of them are good enough to punch a hole into a steel wall. However, choose an impact driver that provides just the right amount of torque needed for your job.
  • Driving Screws: Always choose a cordless impact driver that gives you optimal RPM. This will enable you to drill bigger holes using a small driver. This will help make drilling a whole lot easier.
  • One Handed Impact: Always select a cordless impact driver that you can operate single-handedly. Opt for one that has optimum torque and RPM for the job and can balance in a single hand.
  • Silent Impact: An impact driver can be extremely noisy because of the work it undertakes. This can be quite disturbing to the neighbors and the neighborhood. Select a cordless impact driver that is not as noisy or you may end up needing hearing aids.
  • Prepare For Impact: For users that are using the impact driver for the first time, invest in an impact kit that will prepare you for any sudden impacts. This is needed to avoid any sprains or fractures.
  • Buy A Combo: Always buy a cordless impact driver that provides plenty of accessories. Combo items such as a drill, hammer, driver, and other tools are offered as a combo by many manufacturers with the cordless impact driver.

Few Quick Tips

Just to summarize, here are a few check boxes that you need to tick while buying a good cordless impact driver.

  • Comfortable Handle Size
  • Single Handed Operation
  • Weight Of The Driver
  • Reverse Switch
  • LED Facility
  • Battery Life Indicator
  • Combo Kit
  • Manufacturer Warranty

Reviews of top listed cordless Impact driver 2017

Following are the top-rated cordless impact driver reviews compiled after stringent tests and expert’s comments.

Makita XDT042 Cordless Impact Driver Kit

If you are looking for an Impact driver that is pocket-friendly and at the same time equips you with power to finish your household jobs faster, then your search finishes on Makita XDT042 Cordless impact driver. The high torque it generates is a surprise factor considering the compactness of the Impact driver.

With the weight of just 3.3 pounds (including battery) and the length of 5 Inches, the impact driver is capable of generating 1420 Inch-pounds of torque at the maximum speed of 2300 RPM. You can change the bits faster and easily with the provision of one-touch hex chuck. Depending on the nature of applications, you can adjust the speed from variable speed selector switch.

The Makita XDT042 cordless Impact driver is powered by durable 18 volts Lithium Ion battery which have higher charge retention time and you don’t need frequent charging unlike other brands in the market.

The mechanism used in the impact driver consists of hammer/anvil impact to produce high torque in combination with a 4-pole motor. This lightweight impact driver is comfortable to handle with an ergonomically designed handle which is crafted with a soft grip to carry it all day long. Working in areas with dim light is possible now since the Makita XDT042 impact driver is equipped with LED lights to illuminate the dark areas of work.

The motor installed in impact driver is brushless and promises long-term durability. With overall 4.8 star rating out of 5.0, DT042 cordless Impact driver is one of the top rated cordless impact drivers and highly recommended.

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DEWALT DCF886B 20V XR Lithium Ion Brushless 1/4-Inch Impact Driver

Dewalt undoubtedly is the leading manufacturer of high-quality power tools and DCF886B impact driver is a true performer with high user ratings and encouraging comments from customers around the globe. Whether you are a handyman, a hobbyist or a professional, this 20 V Impact driver is capable of delivering adequate power to get your jobs finished well in time.

Don’t get mugged by its small size, it can produce a maximum torque of 125 ft-lbs and a maximum speed pf 2800 rpm. `The XR grade lithium ion batteries have the longest battery life and you can work continuously for long without any need to charge batteries.

Dewalt DCF886B 20V Impact driver is equipped with enough power to drive through hardest of the surfaces like metal, hardwood or concrete. But you have to be careful while using the impact driver since there is no option to change the speed of the drill. With constant speed and high power, it recommended not to use the drill for longer screws to prevent any injuries.

This feature-rich impact tool with a brushless motor is available at a decent price tag, though the battery is not included in the package. Considering the power, light weight and 3-year warranty, there is no reason, it should not be part of your personal toolkit.

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Bosch IDH182-01L 18-volt Hybrid Impact Driver

The Bosch IDH182-01L Impact driver has been designed after carefully studying the needs of professionals to have all-in-one compact impact driver with multi-control functionalities. This versatile impact tool from one of the top brands in the field of power tools comes with innovative socket adaptor functionality whereby you have the privilege to work with both ¼” drills and ½” drills without having to buy two separate impact driver tools.

In its class of impact drivers, the IDH182 delivers the maximum torque of 1650 Inch-pounds and a maximum speed of 2800 RPM which can be varied by the push of a switch according to the job requirements. The high-quality brushless motor ensures maintenance-free operation and a longer run-time. The innovative motor-protection system protects the motor from over-heating due to continuous working for extended period of time.

Whether you intend to remove a stubborn lug nut or wish to drive a hard screw in any rough and tough surface, the IDH182 will carry out the job smoothly. With the weight of just over 3 pounds and equipped with LEDs you are able to work in cramped and dark places with ease.

The battery life of Bosch IDH182-01L has been the talking point among users for its long-running capacity without having to charge it time and again. The pricing of this hybrid impact driver from Bosch might be on the higher side, the features you enjoy is worth investing in this innovative impact driver. The kit includes a belt clip and modular carry case for easy operation and transportation.

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Porter-Cable PCCK640LB Lithium-Ion Impact Driver Kit

This small package impact driver is equipped with a large number of incredible features which the other brands miss in the category of cordless impact drivers. Economically priced, Porter Cable PCCK640Lb impact driver provides a high torque of 1450 Inch-pounds and the speed can be varied from 0 to 2900 to maximize the work-efficiency. Powered by impeccable 20 Volts lithium-ion battery, the impact driver delivers long running time and the fuel meter helps you monitor  the charge left in batteries.

The compact soft-padded handle allows the users to hold the tool in one hand while working and fast-loading chuck saves a lot of time. The PCCK640LB is suitable for both professional as well as DIY projects. You can drill large holes in wood with ease and remove high torqued lug nuts was never so smooth. The PCCK640LB impact driver weighs only 3.2 pounds and with such a light weight, you can work in nooks or corners with ease and even after working for too long you won’t feel exhausted.

The PCC640LB is manufactured and sold by Porter-Cable, a well-known name in the power-tool industry since 100 years. The Porter Cable has pioneered and patented many innovative next generations features in its power equipment and accessories. With more than 80% users providing 5.0-star rating, the PCC640LB impact tool is highly recommended

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While selecting the suitable cordless impact driver, consider all the points mentioned above. Another important thing to keep in mind is the purpose of your impact driver. Your purpose will determine the type of cordless impact driver needed. Selecting the perfect model will give you an amazing experience while working with your tools. The precision and neatness of the work have to be seen, to be believed. A cordless impact driver will change the way you look at heavy workload. You will also save a lot of money by working yourself rather than spending big bucks on a contractor. This will give you work satisfaction along with saving money. Start your own research or consider our shortlisted impact drivers and buy the best rated cordless impact driver today.

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  • Drive Size
  • Torque Power
  • Durability
  • Handling

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