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An impact wrench is not a revolution but an evolution, to say in the field of power tools. The impact wrench has been found to be a great utility tool in the field of the automobile industry, construction sites, maintenance of machines, service industry and many home DIY or repair chores. Fastening or removing of nuts and bolts with conventional tools is not only time-consuming and sometimes awkward but may cause injury to the persons on the job. This problem is faced by hobbyists and professionals worldwide along with many other operational issues.

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Thanks to the Impact tools, which has made fastening or refitting jobs simple and time-saving. With powerful impact tools, you can apply adequate force, as per the demand of job since you can adjust the torque on the wrench itself. The impact wrench can reach the confined places which are otherwise hard to reach manually, thus saving a lot of time and effort.

An impact wrench works on the principle of torque or force. The power supply drives the motor which rotates the hammer and provides necessary torque spike to the output shaft for fastening or loosening the nut/bolt. The power supplied to the motor can be from various sources like air, battery or electricity. The impact wrenches that work on batteries is also termed as cordless Impact wrenches.

Both wired and cordless wrenches have their own advantages depending upon the applications and situations. Wired or pneumatic wrenches can be used only in particular locations where you already have a setup air compressors and all the associated wiring. But if you want to use the wrench in different locations, say in a garage or parking area, you can have the convenience and control in your hands powered by battery packs which are actually going to save you a lot of time and money.

Unlike pneumatic or wired wrenches, where you have to invest a lot of money in setting up air compressor, filters, fittings and the wiring, the cordless wrenches need rechargeable batteries to get powered. Other benefits of cordless impact wrenches are:

  • Much quieter than another type of wrenches.
  • Cordless impact wrenches are capable of driving and fastening job at any time and at any place.
  • The users are able to save a lot of time as you can complete the jobs in lesser time due to high torque speed of impact wrenches.
  • The cordless impact tools are handy and easy to operate. Both professionals and amateurs can use the cordless impact wrenches with expertise.
  • The cordless wrenches can be used even at places which are difficult to reach by other wired wrenches.
  • Cordless Impact Wrenches are cost effective as compared to their wired counterparts.

Factors to consider while picking a good Cordless Impact Wrench

Impact Wrench is a tool that you are not going to buy very often. The impact tools are robust and lifelong products and should be bought with thoughtful consideration of its features and a thorough market research. We have compiled a list of parameters to consider to help you in buying the cordless Impact wrench for your home or professional tasks. These tips have been created after a thorough research on latest impact tools available in the market and are guidelines to make a final decision in picking a good impact wrench.


Torque is the force that causes the rotation. The higher the torque, more is the rotation speed of output shaft and less time will be consumed to finish the job. Always look for an impact wrench with higher torque ratings and a torque adjustment control since some jobs might need lesser torque speed than others.

Motor Type

The motor is the heart of any impact wrench. The impact wrenches come with either brush-DC motors or brushless DC motors. The BLDC (brushless DC) motors are more versatile and have a longer work life. Although they are costlier as compared to brush motors, they are more accurate, lightweight, low maintenance, low noise, and high speed. So always look for durable and long life motor.


Since you have to carry the cordless impact wrenches in your hands, the heavier tool will cause fatigue while working on long duration jobs. So always check the weight while shortlisting any impact wrench. You must feel at ease while working on a task.

Design and Handling

Comfortable handle of Impact Wrench is an important feature to look for. Have a close look at the handle grip, the material of grip and try holding the tool to check the grip and comfort part. A good grip will give a better control on this tool.

Drive Size

The cordless impact wrenches are available in various drive sizes. Depending on your job requirements, you can pick from ½”, ¼”, ¾”, 3/8” drive sizes. And remember, smaller the size, lower will be torque.


This is another important parameter to look for while buying your favorite cordless impact wrench. Different companies offer a different warranty on their tools. The number of years covered under warranty can be 1, 2 or 3 years. You have to read carefully through the product manual about the parts that are covered under warranty. You should also check whether the service center is available in your area or not.

Top Cordless Impact Wrench 2018 Reviews

Milwaukee Electric Tool 2763-22 M18 Impact Wrench, 1/2″

This ½” battery powered impact wrench from Milwaukee (total weight 16.2 pounds) is a capable impact wrench both in robustness and precision in quality. It is capable of delivering a maximum torque of 100ft-lbs and 700ft-lbs in different selectable modes, which is outstanding. The Milwaukee impact wrench is ergonomically designed and provides perfect handling comfort to work for longer durations without any fatigue to arm or hand.

This powerful impact wrench is manufactured by Milwaukee which is industry-leader in manufacturing heavy duty power tools and hand tools since 1924. Milwaukee Impact wrench runs on Lithium-ion batteries which have around 40% more power than Ni-Cd batteries. Milwaukee’s engineering team, right from the designing part to final delivery has always taken care of customer’s feedback about the product. This has led the Milwaukee to deliver the best impact wrenches which are crafted according to customers’ needs.

The customers’ feedback about the tool is positive with no glaring defects found in this cordless wrench. Designed in red color, the tool comes nicely out of the packing with pleasing looks and ready to fasten or remove those stubborn rusty nuts. The Milwaukee cordless impact wrench is a clear leader in terms of features and price.

The impact wrench comes with a dependable 5-year warranty. With the toughness of tool and quality of its motor, the impact wrench is capable of avoiding wear and tear for years. The Cordless impact wrench 2763-22 M18 is reliable, durable and stature to find itself on the top of the list and is a fine pick in any professional’s toolkit.

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DEWALT DCF883M2 20-volt MAX Lithium Ion 3/8-Inch Impact Wrench Kit with Hog Ring

Dewalt SCF883M2 is an all-purpose impact wrench and one of the compact and lightweight with a length from front back of 5.70” and weight of 3.5 lbs. Although it is small in size, the torque is quite good with 130 ft-lbs and a speed of 2700 impacts /minute. The balance of the impact wrench is nice and due to compact size, it can be used in tight areas without any hindrance to its movement. The handle is made of a slip-free material and provides a firm grip to all sizes of hands.

The compact size is Dewalt cordless impact tool’s strong point and other parts of its craftsman include LED lights which help to use the machine in darker areas. The Dewalt DCF883M2 comes with XR Li-Ion battery supported by a fuel-gauge.  The batteries are worth 20V and run for longer times as compared to standard batteries.

The drive size is ½” and this cordless impact tool can be used on wood or metal for fastening and removing nuts and is regarded a suitable cordless impact wrench for the automotive industry. The Dewalt DCF883M2 is a complete kit and includes an impact wrench, 20Volts XR premium batteries, Battery charger and a robust toolbox.

One of the best wrenches, Dewalt DCF883M2 cordless impact wrench is highly recommended by many satisfied customers across the globe and truly a winner for all types of fastening applications.

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Dewalt DC820B Cordless Impact Wrench

The Dewalt Bare Tool Wrench is a cordless wrench which requires no electricity to work. It is convenient and handy and lasts long. It comes with a frameless motor that extends the life of this wrench. The compact size makes it easy to fit into any toolbox with ease. Do not get fooled by the small size, it is a powerful tool that delivers 1,740-inch pounds of torque and helps fasten difficult tasks. This is the ideal wrench that will help you fix up your home and carry out small and big tasks around the house without any professional help.

This wrench weighs just 2.2 pounds and measures 5-3/4 inches. The Dewalt bare tool wrench is user-friendly and you don’t need to be a professional handyman to operate this device. It comes with an anti-slip grip that makes it easy to control the task in hand.

Unlike other wrenches that need an electric cord or batteries to function, the Dewalt bare tool wrench is a chargeable device that will be ready to work with 15 minutes of charging before it’s used. The battery and charger are sold separately; you can always get these online. The wrench comes with a 3-year warranty which also covers a defective unit. Dewalt ensures a warranty of one-year free service contract under which you can get a defective part replaced for free.

This is one of the most popular cordless wrenches that people today are investing in. it works very efficiently and although it is a small device, it helps to perform heavy duty tasks with ease.

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Milwaukee 2795-22CT M18 Fuel 3/8 Inch Impact Wrench Combo Kit

The Milwaukee cordless wrench is a compact hand tool that comes with a battery kit. This 18-volt wrench is ideal to carry out all those tasks at home that were earlier required a handyman. It’s a small and compact device that can easily fit into any small toolbox. Although this is a small machine it is powerful and manages to work well on the toughest of the tasks you have. The Milwaukee cordless wrench helps to fasten or loosen nuts and bolts of various sizes with ease.

Forget spending hours trying to tighten the bolts when you can get it done within minutes with the Milwaukee wrench. Since this is a cordless device you don’t need to worry about having an electric circuit near you. You can use it freely indoors as well as outdoors. This is a battery powered wrench that comes with a 5-year limited warranty on the parts and a 2-year warranty on the battery. This is a one-time investment that will last long handling all your repair and maintenance needs.

The Milwaukee cordless wrench weighs just 10 pounds and is easy to hold on for a long duration without stressing your muscles. It comes in a bright red color which looks attractive as well as easily locatable in a myriad of other tools in your toolbox. Unlike most other wrenches in the market that come without a battery, this particular model comes with a battery and saves you the battery cost. The Milwaukee wrench is a popular tool that most handymen swear by for its durability and efficiency.

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A cordless impact wrench is a great investment, for your job, business or DIY projects. With a plethora of brands and models available in the market it is extremely difficult to pick a cordless impact wrench for your purpose. This guide is intended to educate you to take a wise decision on picking up a cordless impact wrench tool that is a great value for your money and suits your needs. I have shortlisted some of the top cordless impact wrenches based on customers’ reviews and ratings and also defined key parameters to consider while buying a cordless impact tool. I am confident that this guide will help both professionals as well as hobbyists.

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  • Drive Size
  • Torque Power
  • Durability
  • Handling

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