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Lug nuts may look small in size but these small parts of the vehicle keep the wheels intact on them and ensure the safety of passengers. Since the lug nuts are the vital components of our daily commutation, you have to be extra cautious while buying best lug nuts for our vehicle. The inferior quality lug nuts may not fit properly on the wheel studs or may loosen while riding and undoubtedly can endanger your life and the lives of your family and friends.

In order to avoid accidents due to sudden breakage of lug nuts and wheels wobbling out, there are certain important parameters which should be considered while buying lug nuts. Familiarity and knowledge about some parts related to wheels are paramount to successful purchasing of lug nuts and using with tools like cordless impact drivers and wrenches.

Gorilla Automotive 21133HT Small Diameter Acorn Chrome 5 Lug Kit4.8/5Check Price
DP Accessories D3112-HT-2305/20 20 Premium Chrome Closed Bulge Acorn Wheel/Lug Nuts (1/2-20) 1.4" Tall, 3/4" Hex4.5/5Check Price
Muteki 32906B SR Series Black 12mm x 1.5mm SR48 Open End Lug Nut Set4.2/5Check Price
Upgr8 S-series 20 Pieces Steel Closed Ended Wheel Lug Nuts with Key4.4/5Check Price
McGard 64012 Chrome Bulge Cone Seat Style Lug Nuts4.1/5Check Price

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Factors to consider while buying Best Lug Nuts in 2017

Lug Nut thread size

Lug nuts have to be tightened on the wheel studs which are threaded bolts mounted on the wheelbase. The number of these studs depends on upon the type of your vehicle. The common number of studs are 4 to 5 while SUVs might have up to 8 studs.

The thread size the outer diameter of the threaded bolt or the wheel stud. To make your job easy you can visit any local hardware store to find the exact thread size with the help of standardized thread gauge or you can simply take old lug nut with you to the hardware store and rotate it onto the already available compatible sample studs. Otherwise, if you are lucky, you can find the exact thread size on the user manual of your vehicle.

The thread size is measured either in millimeters or inches. The most common or standard sizes of lug nut threads are 7/16 inches, 5/8 Inches, ½ Inches, 9/16 Inches, 12 mm and 14 mm.

Thread Pitch

Thread pitch is the number of threads available per Inch on a stud or the distance between two threads. The tools are available at the hardware store to calculate the thread pitch. The pitch is either measured in TPI (threads per Inch) or in mm. Alternatively, you can check the pitch of your studs from the user manual of your car.

Length and dimensions

The dimensions of lug nuts have to be optimum for proper fixing of wheels. The safety can be ensured only if you have accurate dimensions and length of lug nuts in hand. Following dimensions need to be taken care before picking up the right lug nuts for your vehicle.

  • Overall length of lug nut
  • Outside diameter
  • Shank diameter
  • Shank Depth

Lug Nut Seat

The lug nut seat is the area of contact between lug nut and wheel. The seat type plays an important role in the selection of right lug nuts. There are many seat types but the most common seat types are tapered, mag and ball type.

Tapered Seat. Both domestic, as well as heavy-duty commercial vehicles, use tapered, also called acorn nuts. These are the commonly used seats and hence are easily available in the market but utmost care has to be adopted while buying tapered seats since the bottom side of tapered nuts are angled at 60 degrees and the exact matching of the angle with the base area(seat) is required for proper fitting of the wheel. For the tapered seat, you have to buy tapered lug nuts which are either capped with chrome or not capped at all.

Mag Seat. The mag nuts are conical in shape with a straight shank that should match the mag seat. For properly securing the mag type nut, a washer should be used. The shank of mag nut should be aligned rightly to prevent any wobbling of the wheel.

Ball-Seat.  The seat or the area on the wheel is ball shaped or round shaped. You can get either open-ended ball nuts for the wheel rims with hubcaps and closed variant for rims with hubcaps.

Finish and color

The lug nuts come with different finish types and colors. The lug nuts are available in steel, aluminum, chrome-plated, red, blue or black anodized, brass. Some lug nuts are also available with security locks to deter any thefts.

Reviews of top 5 Best Lug Nuts brands of 2017

After deep analysis and comparison of different brands of lug nuts, we have short-listed following top lug nuts from leading companies.

Gorilla Automotive 21133HT Small Diameter Acorn Chrome 5 Lug Kit

Gorilla has been manufacturing automotive parts for the last 40 years and the company’s innovative technology and teamwork have led to the extreme growth of customer base. Gorilla Lug Kit consists of 20 lug nuts, all chrome coated. The size of lug nuts is 12mm and the pitch is 1.50. the overall length of these high-quality lug nuts is 1.36 inches. The lug nuts are the tapered type with an angle of 60 degrees.

The chrome plating finish is of high quality and durable which lasts long without infected with any rust. Unlike the lug nuts from other brands all the Gorilla lug nuts are of same dimensions and quality. The pack includes a dual hex key for ¾” and 13/16 Inches. The key provided with lug nuts fits perfectly in nuts and can be turned in both clockwise as well as anti-clockwise direction. The security of wheels is an added advantage that comes with Gorilla lug kit.

The lug nuts are thinner as compared to nuts from other brands so you need a socket (comes with lug nuts) for fitting with a torque wrench. These tough lug nuts have been tested successfully driving on rough streets for intactness and precision. The Gorilla lug nuts are best designed for aftermarket wheels and are compatible with various wheel brands.

Reasonably priced, the Gorilla lug nuts are available in different sizes and engineered to perfection. Around 70% customers on Amazon have given 5.0-star ratings which testify the high quality of Gorilla log nuts.

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DP Accessories D3112-HT-2305/20 20 Premium Chrome Closed Bulge Acorn Wheel/Lug Nuts (1/2-20) 1.4″ Tall, 3/4″ Hex

Manufactured in the US, the ¼ Inches long lug nuts will impress you with its engineered finish and unmatched quality. Among the lot of lug nuts available in the market, D3112-Ht-2305 nuts with thin chrome Cap are not only unique but innovative too. The lug nuts are made from hardened steel that ensures that the lug nuts are protected from corrosion, making them the most durable lug nuts available to date.

The seating design is the most critical of any lug nuts and the D3112-Ht from DP accessories uses closed end tapered design which ensures easy installation without causing any damage to the lug nuts. Everything about the D3112 lug nuts speaks superiority right from the black coating to precise 60 degrees angle perfect for seating on the studs. The lug nuts are manufactured by DP Accessories using latest tool room technology. The threads of the lug nuts are precisely pitched and each lug nut is made to pass through stringent quality tests before dispatching to the market.

Although the lug nuts required depend on upon the type and model of your vehicle, the 24X7 customer care department of DP Accessories is always there to help you in choosing the right size and type of lug nuts required by you. The D3112 premium chrome lug nuts are not over-priced considering the high quality of lug nuts.

The D3112 lug nuts from DP Accessories are top tier lug nut with a long list of satisfied following. The lug nuts are delivered in a premium packing by Amazon. The lug nuts from DP Accessories are long lasting and robust which are highly recommended.

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Muteki 32906B SR Series Black 12mm x 1.5mm SR48 Open End Lug Nut Set

This 12mm (thread size) lug nuts from Muteki are capable lug nuts both in versatility and robustness. The lug nuts weigh under 2 pounds which are very respectable. The lug nuts are made from black vanadium chrome which not only provides great finish but also prevents the lug nuts from deterioration arising due to any harsh weather conditions. The Muteki lug nuts are innovatively designed as thin nuts to provide easiness in fixing them and prevent any scratch to the wheels.

The package includes 20 lug nuts and one tool adaptor. Prominent features of Muteki 32906B SR nuts include a tough body made up of high strength 50Bv30 steel which is environment-friendly steel, free from any harmful chemicals, light weight, low priced, precise 60 degrees’ seat, minimum contact with the wheel, stylish black finish. The lug nuts come with one-year guarantee and the lug nuts, manufactured by top-notch company Muteki, meets highest levels of market standards.

The SR48 lug nuts from Muteki come with extended open end length of 48 mm. The lug nuts can be removed easily with seventeen millimeters socket. The price range is reasonable if take into account all the features of lug nuts. The black coating is tested to last long and does not come out.

The Muteki SR48 is available on amazon at 33% discount on MRP. This lug nut has got an overall rating of 4.3 stars out of 5.0 with more than 60% voting above 5.0 stars.

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Upgr8 S-series 20 Pieces Steel Closed Ended Wheel Lug Nuts with Key

Many good quality lug nuts in the market are under-appreciated and Upgr-8 S-series nuts are no exception. The S-series lug nuts measure 35 mm and weigh 36 grams per nut. The lug nuts are made from heat treated steel that increases the strength, quality, and durability of lug nuts. To protect the lug nuts from the damage due to an external environment like rusting or corrosion, the Upgr8 S-series lug nuts are powder coated. The lug nuts are manufactured using the latest technology and performance-wise they are the best in the market. The lug nuts from Upgr8 carries a standard one-year warranty and contacting the customer service centers is no hassle.

The great craftsmanship of Upgr8 can be experienced while fixing the lug nuts on wheels since the nuts fit precisely on the seat during installation. The S-series lug nuts are designed uniquely to prevent any scratches on the wheel while installation. But it is recommended to tighten the lug nuts with hands to avert any scratches although a socket is provided in the kit to fix the lug nuts using a wrench.

The vital feature of Upgr8 S-series lug nuts is the availability of various colors of lug nuts. The closed-ended S-series lug nuts are available in neo-chrome, black, blue, gold, chrome and gum metal. The 12mmX 1.25mm lug nuts may be low priced but beats any other lug nuts in its range. Scoring a 5.0-star rating from more than 60% of satisfied customers, the Upgr8 S-series lug nuts are highly recommended.

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McGard 64012 Chrome Bulge Cone Seat Style Lug Nuts

McGard 64012 is one of the coolest names in the list of top quality lug nuts. McGard boasts of unmatched hardened steel, the lug nuts are made from. The McGard lug nuts are the toughest of the nuts and come with a lifetime guarantee for the nuts being inflicted with rust or corrosion. The overall length of 12mm X 1.5mm lug nuts is 1.46 Inches with the weight of 8 Ounces. The package contains a set of 4 chrome finished lug nuts. The plus point of McGard lug nuts is its strength and that too at an incredibly low price.

The lug nuts from McGard are fully machined from superior steel and the manufacturing process meets the OEM safety standards. To provide extra protection, the lug nuts are coated first with three layers of nickel and then the final finish is given with chrome coating. Some aluminum wheels support only wide seating, the good news about McGard lug nuts is that the nuts which have a cone style seat have extended seating surface to match any wider seating requirements.

The features and capability of lug nuts from McGard are at par with other high priced lug nuts of the same caliber. With no wear and tear and no discoloration, these tough lug nuts are far better than OEM lug nuts when it comes to quality and durability. Available at 40% discount at Amazon, the McGard 64012 lug nuts are highly recommended.

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Lug nuts are important accessories for any traveler and with many brands offering best lug nuts, it is never easy to pick the right one for you. The list above covers the topmost lug nuts, which you can buy by looking carefully into some parameters defined above and buy the one that fits best for your wheels.

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  • Drive Size
  • Torque Power
  • Durability
  • Handling

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