DEWALT DCF883M2 20-volt MAX Lithium Ion 3/8-Inch Impact Wrench Review


Dewalt started their operations producing power tools in the year 1924. Since then, the company has produced a variety of portable electric power tools and accessories for all kinds of difficult jobs. They are designed specifically to suit residential contractors, professional workers, and remodelers. A few years back, Dewalt also joined the cordless power tool industry by manufacturing lithium ion tools in the 20V MAX series. The Dewalt DCF883M2 20-volt wrench is one of the best tools to hit the market. It is designed to incorporate comfort and compact design and meets all the industry standards and features.

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The Dewalt 20 volt impact wrench is a versatile cordless tool that is lightweight and compact. Designed keeping the professional users in mind, this tool is powerful, making it an ideal tool for professional mechanics. The Dewalt DCF883M2 20-volt wrench’s compact size, high battery life, and low cost make it a favorite among users. The tool is also ideal for beginners who are serious about using power tools. It is one of the few powerful wrenches currently available in the market and is considered as a great tool to have in your garage. With excellent features, the product easily outshines the other power tools easily.

Benefits of the Dewalt Cordless Impact Wrench

The biggest benefit of the Dewalt 20V impact wrench is its versatility and compact size. The lightweight, easy to use, the cordless wrench can be used in any part of the house without worrying about space. We can easily use the Dewalt DCF883M2 20 wrench for driving bolts in wood, fiber and even in concretes, for loosening nuts and for automotive workshops.

The Dewalt DCF883M2 20 is one of the most efficient wrenches available in the market. The powerhouse performer delivers a knockout performance for its price. It delivers a powerful 1560 in lbs which provide a maximum torque to power through tough fastening jobs on wood, metal and on concretes. You can easily carry out any tough job within a quick span of time.

The DCF883M2 wrench is easy to use and the ergonomic textured grip is anti-slippery which provides optimal comfort and control when operating it. You can easily use the tool all day long without causing any fatigue to your hand. You can purchase this handy Dewalt 3 8 impact tool at a reasonable price.

Features of Dewalt DCF883M2 20-volt MAX Wrench

Compact Size and Easy to Use

Despite being powerful and durable, the highlight of the Dewalt DCF883M2 20 wrench is its compact size. At 5.70″ front to back and weighing just over 3.4 pounds, you can use the Dewalt 20V impact wrench anywhere without any strain or fatigue to your hand. The three LED lights that provide light at 20-second delays after trigger release make it easy to work even in dark areas with poor visibility. The anti-slippery grip provides good grip for maximum comfort and control.


Even though it is compact and lightweight, Dewalt 20 volt impact wrench tool is a powerhouse. It has enough power to fasten large bolts. It has high torque and can remove lug nuts off, tie strut bolts and rod bolts.

Variable Speed

To match the speed of the application, the variable speed feature of the wrench can be used. The speed can be adjusted up to 2,300 RPM and up to 2,700 IPM.

Long Battery Life

The Dewalt DCF883M2 20 wrench from Dewalt is powered by a powerful lithium ion battery. It offers 33% more battery life than other batteries. The powerful lithium ion battery can work for up to 24 hours without charging. Therefore, you can use your Dewalt DCF883M2 20 wrenches all day long without charging.

Stable operation

The hog ring anvil type uses friction to hold sockets. This helps in easy socket changes compared to other types. It is designed ergonomically and so is easy to use, handle and portable.


The Dewalt DCF883M2 wrench comes with a 3-year warranty. Dewalt service centers are present worldwide and they provide quality and quick service for their products.


  • Weight: 3.4 pounds
  • Torque: 1560 in-lbs/130 ft/lbs
  • Drive Size: ½”
  • Drive Type: Square drive
  • Impact per minute: 2700
  • Voltage: 20V
  • Power Type: 1 Lithium-ion Battery
  • Battery Life: 24 hours
  • LED Lights: 3 LED Lights
  • Hong ring anvil: Makes it easy to change sockets
  • Warranty: 3-years


  • Lightweight and compact design makes it easy to use overhead and even in small corners without causing any strain to your hands.
  • Great battery life. You can continuously use the wrench for 24 hours without re-charging the batteries.
  • Bright LED Lights. The three LED lights are mounted into the wrench. It provides flashlight in areas where visibility is less.
  • Easy to handle. The cushioned and non-slippery grip provides comfort and control to your hand while operating it.
  • The hog ring anvil makes it easy to change sockets.
  • Variable speed trigger. You can easily adjust the speed of the wrench up to 2700 IPM.


The Dewalt 20V impact wrench is slightly priced on the higher side compared to other models. For people who are looking for a wrench for simple home use, this model may not be affordable. But, if you are looking for a professional wrench with high-end features, then, Dewalt DCF883M2 is the perfect choice for this price range. But, the quality of the Dewalt 3 8 impact lives up to the price.

Bottom line

The features, portability, battery life and efficiency make Dewalt DCF883M2 20-volt wrench a versatile tool that can be used by professionals and non-professionals who are serious about power tools. The stylish design, ease of use, compactness and ergonomic design combined with considerable torque and power make it an essential tool to have in your garage. With great battery life, this is the perfect tool one should have. The functionality of the Dewalt 20v impact wrench is ideal for professionals. You cannot ask for a better tool at this price range that will meet all your needs. The Dewalt DCF883M2 20-volt MAX Lithium Ion 3/8-Inch Impact Wrench is highly recommended.

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Out of the 150 Amazon buyers of Dewalt 20V impact wrench, around 95% of them have rated the product with more than 4.5 stars. This clearly indicates that the Dewalt DCF883M2 20-volt MAX Lithium Ion 3/8-Inch Impact Wrench is a well-received product in the market. The negative feedbacks are comparatively very low. Here is my recommendation for the power packed tool, Dewalt 20 volt impact wrench.


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